Mediating Solutions London is a family mediation service led by experienced lawyers committed to providing a standard of excellence in professional, flexible and cost-effective dispute resolution. We are qualified to undertake Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMS) and Direct Consultation with Children.

Providing excellence in dispute resolution

We understand that for separating couples working out how to deal with future arrangements for your children and finances is stressful and challenging. Our role as experienced family mediators is to help our clients focus on reaching practical workable solutions in a professional and supportive environment, away from the inevitable delay, high cost and distress of court proceedings.

When couples separate, commercial issues are often involved. There may be changes in relationships within family-owned companies or the businesses you have run together and so we provide commercial mediation and professional coaching which enables us to offer a complete service to our clients.

Mediating Solutions London is based in Kensington and Temple and has further facilities for mediation in

Fleet Street and Knightsbridge.

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