What is mediation?

Mediation is an effective and successful alternative to court proceedings. It can help significantly in reducing the conflict usually associated with concluding the legal and practical issues related to your separation. Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process. Although we cannot give you legal advice, as legally qualified mediators we ensure that you and your spouse or partner have the accurate and up to the minute legal information which you need in relation to the issues you want to mediate. Our role as mediators is completely impartial. We help you to identify and narrow the issues surrounding divorce and separation to which you want to find solutions.

The mediator is a neutral third person who is trained and an expert in his or her area. As mediators, we will help you, as parties in a separating couple, to communicate and explore possible joint resolutions of your dispute. It is the mediator’s role to ensure that the process is balanced and that neither party is at a disadvantage. We help you to identify and focus on the issues you need to discuss.

Mediation sessions are usually about two hours long and typically more than one session may be required to resolve the dispute; this will depend on the complexity of the issues involved. In general two or three sessions are required and where there are complex financial matters, for example such as those which involve an independent pension advisor or tax expert, four sessions may be needed.

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"When we face serious family problems, we still usually say to ourselves ‘I must find a solicitor’. But in many (though not all) cases we would do better to say, ‘We must find a mediator’"

Lord Wilson of Culworth, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and President of the Family Mediators Association.