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Sometimes it may be appropriate to introduce other professionals at key points in the mediation. For example, in mediations involving financial arrangements, it may be necessary to consult an accountant to value a small or large company or an independent financial expert to value pensions and advise on possible pension splits.

Where arrangements for your children are involved it may be that you both need guidance on how you deal with issues around your separation which affect your children, or you may feel that your children would benefit from some help or support from professionals with the relevant experience.

We can signpost you to professionals with whom we work, alternatively you and your former spouse or partner may have an advisor you trust. Either way that professional is instructed by you both and any information they provide is confidential to the mediation, unless, in the case of financial information, you want to formalise your mediation agreement by way of a consent order, in which case reference will be made to professional advice you have been given in the Open Financial Summary.

Update on Case Law

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