What we offer

We offer a professional, high quality mediation service in pleasant, dignified and professional surroundings. We provide an effective, enduring and less expensive alternative to the court process. Unlike a court process, which can take months to come up, mediation appointments are usually available at relatively short notice and can fit in with your business, professional and child care arrangements.

Where couples are coming directly to mediation, typically we will initially see you separately to ensure that the case is suitable for mediation, before bringing you and your spouse or partner together. Where couples are coming to mediation because one or both of you have decided you want to apply to the court, you will be invited to a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting.

There are different approaches to mediation as set out below.

Individual mediation
This mediation allows the two parties in a separating couple to engage in the mediation process with one mediator.

In more complex situations it can be helpful to have two mediators present to facilitate the discussion.

Shuttle mediation
If communication is particularly strained, or one party feels unsafe in the presence of the other party, mediation can occur with you in a different room from your spouse or former partner.

Mediation involving solicitors
On occasions, it is helpful to have solicitors present during mediation sessions. This gives separating couples access to legal advice during the mediation itself and, if appropriate, the solicitor can draft any agreement or order immediately.

Child inclusive mediation
Mediation provides opportunities for children to speak to experienced mediators when this is appropriate or necessary. Children are rarely involved in the mediation process itself. Rather, when — and this is often the case — children feel isolated or excluded as well as distressed and anxious about changes which they know are occurring in their parents’ relationship, it can be helpful for them to have an informal chat with another mediator who is trained in talking to children. This mediator will then, with the children’s permission, feedback to the parents what the children have said. Such consultation with children is a voluntary process; by feeding back to you your children’s comments, our experts can help you both to take into account your children’s needs, thoughts and wishes, without involving the children themselves in the adults’ dispute.

Involvement of other experts
Where necessary we will advise you to bring in other experts, such as auditors or financial advisers. We can recommend individuals with whom we work or you are welcome to bring in your own experts.


Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting

From 6 April 2011, every separating couple has been expected to have a meeting with a mediator before the matter proceeds to court. This meeting is referred to as a MIAM: a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. These can be arranged in Kensington, in the Temple, Fleet Street and St. James. Parties in a separating couple can attend separately or together.

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