The benefits of mediation

70% of all mediations result in agreement between both parties.

Mediation treats you, as a separating couple, and your family as individuals with unique needs. Mediation is far less expensive, much quicker and much less emotionally distressing than court proceedings. As mediators we act as an impartial, third person who helps you to develop your own, informed solutions and decisions. Since the decisions made in mediation are made by you and your spouse or partner, they are usually far more enduring and effective than decisions imposed by courts.

Mediation allows you to deal with all financial areas or specific matters. Full and frank disclosure of all of your financial information is essential in mediation, just as it would be if you were using a solicitor. Arrangements for the care of your children is an emotionally complex issue. Mediation can help you to agree, for example a schedule of contact which works for everyone, or about specific issues such as school holidays and birthdays.

Mediation allows you to discuss and come to agreement on issues such as the education of your children; maintenance and the time your children will spend with their grandparents and other members of both parents’ broader family as well as both parents. Grandparents can also seek mediated solutions to seeing their grandchildren.

Mediation can be offered in a variety of ways, click here to see what we offer or telephone 07770 683 295.

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"Family breakdown cases which are resolved through professional mediation are cheaper and quicker to settle. And academic research shows that they secure better outcomes, particularly for children, as they are less acrimonious."

National Audit Office